A N D R E A    P I E R U S
Born: March 31, 1966 in Vienna, Austria

I model sculptures in clay and plaster and I am studying with the sculptor Alfred Czerny from the Austrian Wotruba School. My preferences and themes: Showing what is within. I am interested in feelings and moods, ambivalence and the dark side, relationships and their inherent wishes, fantasies and idealisations and the phenomena of closeness and distance, lust and sexuality in their substantial form.

Exhibitions in Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Madeira, Venezuela, Vietnam, Poland, Slovenia, The Dom. Republic, USA, Argentinia, Belarus, Greece, Switzerland, Hungary, Korea, Uruguay, Brazil, The Netherlands, England, Colombia, Bulgaria, India, Ukraine, Japan, Chile, Tristan da Cunha, Czechoslovakia, White Russia

Member of

IG-Bildende Kunst
International Association of Art (Europe)
Association International des Arts Plastiques auprès de l´Organisation des Nations Unies pour l´éducation, la science et la culture, UNESCO
Sezession Graz
erstes wiener frauenwunder
Formation Intravenös


Mag.a Andrea Pierus M.A.
Pirkwiesen 18
8323 St. Marein bei Graz
Schottenfeldg. 93/12
1070 Vienna

andrea pierus foto

my sculptures

in the evening twilight I am closest to myself
wrapped up in soft woolly warmth,
beguiled by the approaching darkness my feelings
climb out of the unconscious sea and are driven beyond
the expectations of others. Now I am wholly one with myself
and that's how they - my sculptures - happen -
calabash red gasping, confused, balmy scented purple moisture,pearly fine -
then the big leaden fog - fear, cold and adapted,
creeps out and knaws at my clean-shaven lethargy.
oppressively alone, the wretched grovelling fury floods upwards -
but there!! look! look! look over there!!
on a speed boat joy comes running -
with dionysian twitching the waves boil up -
symphonically overflowing , turning in pirouettes,
here it stands before me - a new sculpture - flushed out insides -
brazen shadows perhaps - formed and reformed into firm touchable material.



on the view

"salon, selection 19", künstlerhaus graz, austria
sezession graz
december 14 - jannury 19, 2020

"composition vertovism v1.0", artists from all over the world
world wide work - komposition - morphonic lab
working noises with spoken international poetry

"an island far far away", tristan da cunha, south atlantic ocean
curator: morice marcuse
december 1, 2019 - december 31, 2019

"train no 1", museum of the railroad history at alexandrov, kosomolskaya, russia
january 2020

das erste neue buch:
"die kleine hexe strizziwitz", märchenbuch
isbn: 9783868068603

das zweite neue buch:
"anerkennung in der erwachsenenbildung"
masterarbeit tu-kaiserslautern, grin-verlag
print: isbn: 9783668817753
e-book: 9783668817746



"selbstoptimierung", amerlinghaus, vienna, austria
erstes wiener frauenwunder
march 18, 2020

"water", museo imaginacion infantil, osorno, chile
group exhibition
mach 2020

"pattern of work", alte feuerwache loschwitz, dresden, germany
group exhibition
organisation: holger wendland
april 9, 2020

"bitte nicht stören! feuer am dach" galerie centrum, austria
formation intravenös
october 29, 2020 - october 30, 2020


"face to face", schloss freiberg, austria
sezession graz
october 4, 2019 - october 6, 2019
opening: president of the sezession helga hudin
& mag. art heribert jascha

"granittag demitz-thumitz", granitdorf demitz-thumitz, germany
september 15, 2019
radio contribution:
group exhibition

"der samenspender", reading, the art gallery vienna
may 7, 2019

"cloud quintett", gallery centrum, graz
group exhibition
opening: mag.a susie strampfer-riegerl
may 31, 2019

"exercises with stones", art spot korin, kyoto, japan
international art project
organisation masahiro kawanake
march-april 2019

"geburt", vaginamuseum

in the forest of symbols", palazzo caccia-canali, italy
organisation: solimini renata on behalf of galleria vittoria roma
october 13 - november 17, 2018

lasst euch feiern!", erstes wiener frauenwunder
galerie contemplor, palais esterházy, vienna
november 5, 2018

das neue buch:
"appetit, küsse und sex"
erotische erzählungen & gedichte
isbn: 9783744833127

"the"watermarks - wasserzeichen, mulikulturelles centrum templin, germany
15 wasserspiele templin
organisation: gerald narr
july 19 - september 10, 2018

"art-calender 2018", athensart
organisation: prof. takis alexiou, athen

"exercises with stones", harm, czech republic
international art project
opening: holger wendland
january 8 - january 28, 2018

"flowers" vicki baum house, den bosch, the netherlands
art project for the benefit of people suffering from cancer
organisation: bianca tangande
july 1 - august 31, 2018

"projet M@MottattoM, Art Factory Geneva, Switzerland
organisation: künstlerInnenverband MottAttoM
june 30 - august 31, 2018

"so viele jahre lieb ich dich", openairmuseum, kunstgarten graz
andrea pierus, edith temmel, peter liebmann
opening: stadtrat dr. günter riegler & kunsthistorikerin edith risse

organisation: irmi horn
july 7 - aug. 30, 2018

"exercises with stones", gallery alte feuerwache loschwitz, dresden
international art project
opening: holger wendland
january 8 - january 28, 2018

"unite für peace", the whole 9 gallery, los angeles
group exhibition - opening lisa schultz
december 9, 2017

7th painting and mixed media competition 2017
lessedra gallery, sofia, bulgaria

iema - new delhi - international eminent and modern art
4th international art exhibition 2017 in association with world fine art association
may 2017, new delhi, india

2nd international art festival - "the belt of friendship" naoussa, greece
organisation: maria loumpourdi / greek art union
april 30 - may 4, 2017

iema - hanoi - international eminent and modern art
3rd international art exhibition 2017 in association with world fine art association
april 1 - april 7, 2017, hanoi, vietnam

jaipur kala mahotsav 2017, shilpagram, jaipur, india
group exhibition
april 2 - april 6, 2017

"plastic all over the world", alte feuerwache loschwitz, dresden, germany
january 16, 2017
opening: holger wendland and lucie freynhagen

"streetart", haverhill, massachusetts, usa
projectidea: sharon silvermann

art basel miami art weeks 2016
artbox project miami 1.0, artbock gallery, switzerland
december 1 - december 4, 2016

"in beetween", kunstraum langeweile, winterthur
swiss hand embroiderers guild, switzerland
october 2016

"plastic all over the world", flipside gallery, eindhoven, the netherlands
september 1, 2016
group exhibition - a club neuropa project

twitterart-exhibition 2016, forster pride new york,
trygve lie gallery, curator: isha setia

"styrian panther und die rätsel der weiblichkeit"
gallery burg nádasdy, schloss sávár, hungary
june 6 - june 30, 2016
opening: péter marko
florinda ke sophie, andrea pierus

"flirt mit dem ungewissen", gallery koko, vienna
april 18 - april 30, 2016
opening: prof. günther koch & mag. manfred makra
matej cepin, andrea pierus, inge plepelits, majda skrinar

"pillow", museums quartier, vienna
100 hours of art, art cooperation austria
april 8, 2014

buchmesse leipzig
"rushhour der endorphine", andrea pierus
march 17 - march 20, 2016
halle 5, stand d201

"rushhour der endorphine", gb10, vienna
februar 23, 2016
book presentation and vernissage
book: andrea pierus
pictures: cézanne-thauss, fellner, grünwerth

"red passion", galerie des carmes,toulouse, france
februar 8 - februar 13, 2016
opening: dr. adelinda allegretti
andy warhol, andrea pierus, tashi khan

29th ASOROPA international art exhibition 
"liberation, unity & freedom", gunsan city museum, korea
december 2015
opening prof.mag.dr. clemens beungkun sou

"männerschlussverkauf in graz", galerie centrum, graz
erstes wiener frauenwunder
opening: dr. erwin schwentner
december 11, 2015

"männerschlussverkauf", ehemalige zuckerlfabrik, vienna
erstes wiener frauenwunder
november 25, 2015

"horas", galeria vieira portuense, porto, portugal
august 8 - september 5, 2015
group exhibition, catalouge

"fridetta proyecto - frida kahlo", blanes manz, uruguay
curator: noemi silvera
july - september 2015

"the next evolution in art",
IX international alubrat conference, salvador, bahia, brazil
september 4 - september 9, 2015

"yellow", fernando namora museum, condeixa, portugal
june 13 - july 12, 2015
opening: dr.nuno moita da costa
group exhibition, catalogue

"vita violenta", kunstgarten - open air museum graz
march 28, 2015
opening: dr. edith risse
andrea pierus

"dialogo sulla morte", the crypt gallery, london, uk
march 14 - 22, 2015
group exhibition

los angeles premiere of the 2014 peace-project exhibition, the whole 9 gallery
culver city, ca, los angeles
november 15, 2014

"ambivalent!" kvartirni hisa, celje, slovenia
october 3 - 31, 2014
andrea pierus

NYC premiere of the 2014 peace-project exhibition, the whole 9 gallery east
landmark arts building new york
october 16, 2014

"no blood on my clothes"

"eros in the darkroom", galerie blaues atelier, graz
exhibiton and reading (florinda ke sophie, curt schnecker)
andrea pierus

"die alten und die alpen", galerie merikon, palais esterhazy, vienna
june 19 - june 24, 2014
mag. wilfried öller
cocolore, andrea pierus

"rearte gallery zu gast im oskar kokoschka haus", geburtshaus pöchlarn
april 10 - april 20, 2014
opening: his excellency the ambassador of jordan hussam a. ai husseini
baqaeen, bramböck, khreis, krizalkovicová, lehoczky, masoud, pierus

"con i fiordi negli occhi" galata museo del mare, genova ("tribute to munch´s scream")
march 16 - april 12, 2014
group exhibition, catalogue

"art from europe" SCA gallery, los angeles, usa
november 13 - november 27, 2013
patronage of IIC, italien institute of culture, los angeles

"the ambassadors of art" DAP gallery
& association of polish artists & designers, warschau, polen
november 4 - november 25, 2013

jenseits des lustprinzips" akh-contemporary, vienna
october 15 - november 1, 2013
andrea pierus, julia seyr

"doppelhelix" wasserturm, vienna
september 18 - september 21, 2013
opening: bezirksrat gerhard blöschl
heidrun karlic, wolfgang keller, walter köstenbauer, andrea pierus

museo santos rocha, figueira da foz, portugal
july 16 - august 26, 2013

"emotional rescue" schloss nymphenburg, munic, germany
july 4 - july 8, 2013
anneke hodel-onstein,christine cèzanne, andrea pierus

wiener festwochen - kunstprojekte: james joyce - ulysses: bloomsday
club international, vienna
june 16, 2013

le 18eme salon international des arts plastique de vendas novas, portugal
may 25- june 6, 2013

"enamorado hasta las cachas" galeriá crisolarte
barcelona - new york
march 23 - april 6, 2013

"tagundnachtgleiche" vienna travel gallery, vienna
march 15 - march 22, 2013
opening: univ. prof. dr. heidrun karlic
anneke hodel-onstein, mesi list, andrea pierus

"freie radikale " galerie centrum, graz
november 16 - december 1, 2012
mesi list, andrea pierus

"caravanserraglio" palazzo del vignola, todi, italy
august 26 - november 4, 2012
opening: graziano marini

"apertura de piernas" museum da luz, funchal, madeira island, portugal
october 5 - october 30,2012

"narben" merikon art room, palais esterhazy, vienna
october 1 - october 7, 2012 opening: helger hauck
anneke hodel-onstein, andrea pierus

"open art " museo di marsciano, perugia, italy
july 17 - august 7, 2012
eröffnung: dr. pino bonanno
anneke hodl-onstein, mesi list, andrea pierus, erwin schwentner, gabi troester

green expo 2012, heldenplatz, vienna
may 11 - may 13, 2012
save our oceans award
opening : franz klammer

"alegría" galerie de arte patrícia munzos, barcelona, spain
march 17 - march 31, 2012

"art five" museum gleisdorf, styria
march 8 - march 23, 2012
altomare, brun, valentin oman, andrea pierus, gabi troester

"kunstmaldrei" rearte gallery, vienna
february 3 - february 17, 2012
andrea pierus, abd a.masud, irene rekus

pränatal" galerie die ausstellung, vienna
december 6 - december 31, 2011
andrea pierus, michael pollan, ulrike schwach, erwin schwentner, irene zaharoff
eröffnung: rainer danzinger

17th international exhibition di arti plastiche delle vendas novas, portugal & spain
joint exhibition in the cities: venda nova, portugal and villa franca de los barros, spain
october 23 - november 21, 2011

"harnsperre" galerie blaues atelier, graz
october 18 - november 1, 2011
andrea pierus, florinda ke sophie
vernissage: october 18, 2011 19.00
eröffnung: lehofer

"nackedeis" galerie domenig-haus, vienna
september 5 - september 16, 2011
eröffnung: landtagsabgeordneter & gemeinderat christian hursky
september 5 - september 16, 2011

"future bubble", house of culture, santa cruz, madeira islands, portugal
14 july - 10 august, 2011

"austrian art", museo della citta di bettona", perugia italy
july 10 - 17, 2011
opening: univ. prof. dr. pino bonanno

symposium umbrien
marsciano - perugia, italy
july 10 - 17, 2011

ciclio del amor en español
"amor en la tierra"
casa camba caracas, venezuela
2.4.2011 - 16.4.2011
"fuego en el amor"
canillejas, madrid
29.4.2011 - 8.5.2011
"amor en el viento"
galicia, villanova de arosa, pontevedra
27.5.2011 - 3.6.2011
"amor en el mar"
centro colonial, santo domingo, dom.rep.
25.6.2011 - 16.7.2011 house of culture santa cruz

"k-uns-t drei", gallery r2, vienna
february 21 - february 26, 2011
andrea pierus, michael pollan, christoph überhuber

woman‘s world, vienna travelgallery
dedicated to 100 years of women‘s day
march 8 - march 15, 2011

"ohne ressentiment!" galerie rienössl, vienna
may 18 - may 28, 2010
opening: mag. wilfried öller
michael pollan & andrea pierus

skulpturengarten sonnenwald, hatzenberg, germany
may 1 - october 31, 2010
50 artists from D, I, A, NL, PL

"dialogues" kunstgarten - openairmuseum graz
april 30 - may 20, 2010
artist in residence 2010 swaantje güntzel (d) and andrea pierus (a) (sculptures)
absorb different aspects of world apperception, different concept-
and communication forms and different attidutes in garden as artroom

3 kulturtage, wuk, vienna
october 16 - october 18, 2009
lena brauer, benedetto fellin, m.m.t. franzen, corona gsteu, franzi heidenreich, kurt kramer, andrea pierus

Angaben gemäß Paragraph 5 Abs. 1 ECG
Mag.a Andrea Pierus
Schottenfeldg. 93/12
A-1070 wien